Called “As Is”

22 May


Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. this is my rule in all the churches. I Corinthians 7:17

Paul is writing here to the church in Corinth and this verse is in the middle of his teaching on marriage and sexuality. He expands the message at this point to include various situations a believer may be in when they choose to accept Christ.

The core message of this verse is to encourage contentment, or at least acceptance, of one’s station in life. We shouldn’t strive for what we don’t have – money, circumcision, freedom, or marriage.

We spend a lot of our lives being dissatisfied. We compare our lives to others or to an ideal cultural standard, and expend great amounts of energy anxious to acquire what we lack.

Paul wants us to put our energy toward things that are spiritually important – like unity, service, and holiness. Discipleship is not about becoming more like Christ, not conforming to church and community expectations.

I don’t think Paul is crushing all ambition in this chapter. Instead, it’s a matter of discerning our calling and position, and letting God work through us and in us no matter our condition.

Any ambition that rises up within me needs to be prayerfully considered to determine whether it’s my flesh wanting to achieve and accomplish for some earthly reward, or if it is truly the Lord planting a seed of possibility that I am to pursue with His guidance. If it is of the Lord, He will equip and empower me. If I find that I’m anxious and struggling, I have to realize the root of the dissatisfaction and ask the Lord for the strength to accept my condition.


Lord, help me to lead the life that you have assigned to me and not waste effort pursuing someone else’s life. Give me the ability to discern whether ambition is from you or my flesh. Thank you for using me in my current circumstances.


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