Wisdom in the Womb

5 Jan
Screenshot 2015-01-05 07.10.00“And he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even before he is born.” -Luke 1: 15
I read in a recent issue of National Geographic that, “the baby brain is an incredible learning machine.” Research reflected in the article noted in fascinating detail how an infant begins to learn from the second she is born. In a short amount of time infants pick up cues about how life works from their environment.
In Luke 1 we read the stories of the infants John and Jesus, including a prenatal encounter that confirmed their divine connection.
For what purpose was John, who would be dubbed “The Baptizer,” filled with the Spirit of God even in the womb? What benefit did Spirit-indwelling bring during the gestation period? As he formed in his mother’s womb, the Spirit of God was there through the whole process – limbs, organs, hair maturing as the Spirit watched. Was it for a Spiritual purpose? A practical one? In light of research on infant learning, perhaps the Spirit was imprinting heavenly realities on John even before his entry into the world.
We learn later as Mary, pregnant with God the Son, visits her relative and the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leapt as the Christ-child came near. There was pre-natal awareness between these two chose infants – one filled with the Spirit, the other equal with the Spirit in divinity. And Elizabeth, too, was aware that Mary’s baby was the Lord Himself.
God was with these four human souls: two mothers and their babies. We know that the Holy Spirit teaches, guides, advocates and reminds. Although eternal, He indwelled temporarily for specific purposes. But under the New Covenant ushered in by Jesus the Messiah, the Holy Spirit would reside simultaneously within each believer.
On the threshold of the New Covenant the Spirit filled John the Baptist, perhaps as a spiritual foreshadowing of what was to come, but also as a preparation for the work John was created for. John and Jesus began learning of their mission even before they were delivered into the arms of their mothers. Their work was crucial to the salvation of mankind, and the triune God displayed the harmony of Father, Son and Spirit in the birth of John and Jesus as new birth was being made available for those who would believe in the message.

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